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Thank you so much for the most prompt delivery, I received my good today. I am shocked at how quickly it arrived! Thanks again

By Sharon B, May 13th 2008

Great website, fast delivery and friendly person on the end of the phone. I'll be back!  

By Diane C, January 2007

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Sarah Hawthorne

Oh my word, what fabulous service! I received a personal email yesterday to let me know EYM had my order and then low and behold this morning it arrived! I am so pleased and am currently parading around the house in my Close Baby Carrier with my son's biggest teddy 'being' baby. Roll on October when I can try it out for real. I'm really pleased, thank you so much. Sarah


Fast delivery and good response. Carly answered my emails eventhough they're on holiday! While Janelle help to arrange a second delivery for one of medela items that was missing from the box. Very impressed with your service. Thank you very much.

Tim Wotton

Seems a really good business/ social enterprise. We are in hospital struggling with new born twins day 3 and great to have a resource like this.

Joanne R, Antrim

Excellent site - lifesaver - without this site, i would have had no choice but to give up breastfeeding, this site had the advice and equipment to help me carry on.

Lynn, December 2009

I would like to commend Janelle on her advice. I was deciding which breast pump to purchase and had a few queries. Janelle answered my e-mail queries promptly and explained about the differences in the pump. I must say this is very good customer service and with the advice given I purchased the Medela Freestyle which I am now using.


"The best part about the site was it telling me how to calculate how much I need to leave for my daughter when I am not with her.
While I was pregnant I didn't think that I'd take to breastfeeding at all, so didn't read up on it or anything. Since my daughter was born, I was amazed to find just how much easier breastfeeding can be compared to bottle feeding (my sister bottle fed and it was a constant round of sterilising bottles, not being able to stay out longer than expected cos she'd only taken so much food with her etc). What I've found since I had her, is a lot of information telling mums that they should breast feed, how to do it, and how to express, but never any guidelines as to how much breastfed babies need to be left with!!! I was so happy to find the information, and a reasonably priced double electric breast pump (up until now, I've been using the Tommy Tippee manual one, which is effective, but considering I've suffered RSI in my hands, due to years as a secretary, it was becoming tiresome!). I look forward to receiving the pump as soon as possible! I'm going to a wedding next week and hopefully will be able to enjoy a drink, knowing that my baby will be ok for food!!!
Thanks for your email. The internet is very faceless, and as a new mum on maternity leave, although being a mum is the best job ever, it's surreal not getting up for work on a morning and seeing colleagues daily, so it's nice to have someone to tell my story to!"

Katharine Curling

What a brilliant site. I was nervous that i'd struggle to breastfeed and to know that this site is here, and it offers everything from advice to selling the products i need, is great. I feel much more confident about breastfeeding now.

Mr W Bruce

WOW.. my wife discovered on the Friday that the membrane for her breast pump had gone missing, and as she is going the next night (Saturday),and our baby boy isnt really a formula fan,we ordered new ones from EYM. Paid standard postage and it arrived in the post first thing. Now she can go out and relax in the comfort knowing Alex will take a feed from daddy. Thank you EYM :)


Fantastic - really helpful advice and fast delivery! Feel like you are one of few people who understand what I'm struggling with (small baby with terrible feeding technique that needs topping up every feed)

Susan Forth

Ordered the morning sickness CD and was really impressed with your service. It arrived mega quickly which was fab as I was desperate! Thanks very much x

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