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Bathtime and Sleep Solutions

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Bickiepegs Baby Finger Toothbrush

More colors available

Ideal way to introduce your baby to the importance of keeping their teeth clean.


Whilst nothing can guarantee the elusive good night's sleep, there are certain ways of helping to achieve it. Especially if you are breastfeeding your baby, the Bedside Crib is highly recommended for undisturbed night feeds. Make sure that the air in the room is clean and not too dry, that the temperature is at approx. 18 degrees, and that your baby is suitably dressed. For new born babies, swaddling blankets can help counter  the Moro reflex (the startle refelx) which often can wake babies....
For slightly older babies, Grobags are a great option for ensuring that your baby doesn't kick off the covers at night, and that the covers don't come over his or her head. And ofcourse, a lovely bath as part of your baby's routine is usually pleasurable for all!

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Express Yourself Mums is delighted to launch our new website offering you an easier and clear shopping experience. Breastfeeding and expressing is still very much our speciality, however new product ranges include developmental baby toys, nursing and breastfeeding bras, slings and weaning products. If you need advice on any of our products do contact us and we will be happy to help. Enjoy your visit. We are currently offering Ameda Elite and Medela Lactina and Medela Symphony hospital grade breast pumps for hire and rental.