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Theraline Wynnie C Shaped Support Pillow

The perfect shape for quick and easy support during breastfeeding!

Choosing a Breast pump

Whatever reason it is that you have for expressing breastmilk, we are able to offer you personal advice and guidance in chosing the correct breast pump for your needs.

From exclusively expressing for your premature baby  to the very occasional need to pump, we have a breastpump that will suit your needs as well as budget. 

The main things to consider when choosing a breastpump are:

* How many feeds are you looking to express per day/week?  We tend to use the following as guidelines:

Infrequent - once or twice a week

Frequent - once or twice a day

High Usage - up to 5 times a day

Exclusive - more than 5 times per day.

* Type of breastpump - manual or electric? single or double?  A manual pump is recommended only for infrequent use, and usually if your milk yield is high. In terms of electric breastpumps, simply put, a double pump will get you double amount of breastmilk in half the time. So if you are considering or needing to express on a regular basis, several times a day, we would no doubt recommend that you chose a double electric pump.

* Hire or Purchase? We have three different hospital grade breastpumps that can be hired on a next day service.

Other very important things to remember when using a breastpump:

* Make sure you are using the correctly sized breastshield and that all the parts are intact and fitted together correctly.

We also offer all the accessories and spare parts - see spare parts and accessories.

If you are at all unsure of which breastpump is the right one for you or just want to double check anything -  either email us on or call us on 0844 77 00 951.

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Express Yourself Mums is delighted to launch our new website offering you an easier and clear shopping experience. Breastfeeding and expressing is still very much our speciality, however new product ranges include developmental baby toys, nursing and breastfeeding bras, slings and weaning products. If you need advice on any of our products do contact us and we will be happy to help. Enjoy your visit. We are currently offering Ameda Elite and Medela Lactina and Medela Symphony hospital grade breast pumps for hire and rental.