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Engorgement and Mastitis


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Medela Freestyle Breast Pump - including the Calma Solitaire Teat

The Medela Freestyle breastpump combines proven 2-Phase Expression Technology with lifestyle features.

Medela Hand Expression Funnel

The large, rounded shape is ideal for the collection of breastmilk during manual expression. Expressed milk flows directly into the breastmilk bottle.

Medela Harmony Breast Pump with Calma Teat

The only manual breast pump with Medela's breakthrough 2-Phase Expression system for maximum breastmilk flow. Also includes Medela's revolutionary Calma teat.

Medela Swing Breast Pump With Calma

The Medela Swing breast pump has 2-Phase Expression® which simulates the instinctive suckling of a baby, making it not only comfortable to use, but more efficient than many other breast pumps. Medela Swing's innovative technology is based on research into the lactating breast by the University of Western Australia

Engorgement is often caused by bad breastfeeding management, which means infrequent or inadequate feedings. Your breast (or breasts) becomes hard, full and tender. It may feel warm and you might feel miserable. It is possible that you might be running a temperature.

The first goal is it to reduce the engorgement so your baby can feed effectively at the breast. When fully engorged, the breast becomes rounded and entirely the wrong shape for the baby to get a decent latch-on which, aside from creating aditional problems of sore nipples, will mean that the baby will not be able to efficiently drain the breast which is crucial to prevent mastitis. As soon as your baby is able to suck effectively, your breast will be emptied and softened.

If your baby will not breastfeed or is not breastfeeding long enough to relief the engorgement, you should either hand express or use a breastpump to remove the milk. Your lactation specialist can inform you about breastpumps and hand expression. Apply moist heat before feeding or expressing and use gentle massage to stimulate your milk ejection reflex. The shower is a perfect place to take the edge off an engorged breast with hand expression. Cold compresses after breastfeeding or expressing will help to relieve pain and swelling. Prompt treatment is the key to avoid possible complications.

Mastitis describes a situation of an inflammation of the mammary gland or the breast tissue. Mastitis can be caused by internal or external pressure that leads to a milk stasis in the breast. That means that mastitis can develop from engorgement. If you have a hot and red area of the breast, if your breast feels tender in a certain area and if you feel generally bad with flue-like symptoms, headache, and fever immediately turn to your health care professional. Mastitis needs prompt treatment.

You need a lot of rest and adequate medication. Frequent breastfeeding or expressing of the milk is crucial. Abrupt weaning or temporary interruption of breastfeeding can delay healing or cause further complications.

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