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Breastfeeding Twins or Triplets


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Medela Freestyle Electric Double Breast pump

The Medela Freestyle breastpump combines proven 2-Phase Expression Technology with lifestyle features such as a powerful rechargeable battery and a hands-free kit. The Medela Freestyle provides a pumping experience that feels most like a baby, giving mothers maximum comfort and enables them to express more milk in less time. Now includes Medela's revolutionary Calma teat.

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump - including the Calma Solitaire Teat

The Medela Freestyle breastpump combines proven 2-Phase Expression Technology with lifestyle features.

It is possible to breastfeed twins or triplets. The key to successfully breastfeeding twins or triplets is the same as for every mother breastfeeding her baby: You need to understand the basic principles of breastfeeding, i.e. the principal of supply and demand, and the importance of correct positioning and latch.If your babies are being fed at regular intervals and the latch/ position is good, the milk supply will take care of itself.

The most urgent problem with multiples is not the milk supply but time. Therefore you should learn to feed your babies at the same time. Feeding your babies simultaneously will safe time. Ask your lactation specialist for help to learn different positions that allow feed more than one baby at the time in a comfortable manner.

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