Being pregnant is joyous and exciting. Here are three little tips on how to make you feel even better.

Morning Sickness – We think that morning sickness is caused by high levels of estrogen in the bloodstream. In most cases, morning sickness only lasts for the first few months, and while there’s no cure, there are several ways you can relieve the symptoms. Snacking on salt free crackers between meals helps ease the feelings of nausea you may feel when hungry. Mint and ginger are great natural remedies, especially when used in tea or cookies. (although don’t eat to many cookies so you get sick!)  Try not to go for long periods without eating and do your best to eat several small meals throughout the day instead of three large ones. It might even be a good idea to avoid greasy or spicy foods. You might also want to try the acupressure Seabands – they help with travel sickness as well as morning sickness.

Sleep – Getting adequate sleep is important during pregnancy, but as you grow bigger, it’s not too easy to find a comfortable sleeping position. Try using a specialist pregnancy pillow. Sleeping on your left side helps to reduce the swelling around hands, feet and ankles. When you sleep on your left side, you not only assist the flow of blood to the placenta, you also reduce the chances of low blood pressure and hemorrhoids. Try to avoid sleeping on your back, which puts the full weight of the uterus on your back and intestines. When you can, take naps during the day to avoid feeling fatigued.

Clothing – One of the best things about being pregnant is that you get to wear comfy maternity clothes. Dressing for comfort is essential, especially during the later months, however many women also want to look good at the same time! Opt for natural fabrics, stretchy materials and flattering styles. Also, if you can get away with a few basic staples that can be used after the baby is born – you won’t feel as if you are “wasting” your money. The Bump Box is one of those great essentials; and can also be used after the baby is born.

Good luck and enjoy.  If you would like to share any of your tips with is,  please do.